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"I have to deal with my priesthood, which is rebellious and half protestant".


Above image - From a previous message: "....20th February 2010, the moment when the commemorative plaque in Gorizia has been discovered. In 1563 Primoz Trubar held a preach in Italian, Slovenian and German language. It was the last time he visited before to be expelled forever by Counter Reformation from Carniola/Slovenia - URL: see address article below....".


The Slovenian priesthood was in the situation "with the nation or against it", as well in it there was also the Christian Social leadership, for great part therefore also forced cause the politic of the Vatikan in relation with the Fascism and with the Slovenian and Croatian minorities. On the other side the archbishop Margotti on 10th April 1935 affirmed in front of the students of the seminary of Gorizia:

''....Bend the head of nationalism. Deal more with the questions of the church. I am not object of obedience by my priesthood as it should be due to me. I am forced to communicate to the holy father that I have to deal with my priesthood, which is rebellious and half protestant.....''



Of course the Slovenian priesthood who was in the situation "with the nation or against it", was not the one of monarchich Yugoslavia, but the one of the occupied Slovenian region. And the Slovenian and Croatian ones, in Istria and Primorje, were not "minorities", but full majorities if not for great part the only ethnic groups in the new lands submitted to Savoy Fascist Italy. Take note please of that Christian Social party to which it belonged the group of Janko Kralj, collaborator of SJ Anton Korosec and temporal coadjutor of SJ Preseren, the right hand of Wladimir Ledochowsky for the South east Europe. And take note of the city of Gorizia, (in Slovenian: Gorica). Near Gorizia there is the famous little town of Caporetto where the Italian army was defeated in the First world war. In 1938 there was just in the town of Caporetto (in Slovenian: Kobarid) an attempt to the life of Mussolini visiting the area. The organizer of the attack then failed, was the Slovenian military political clandestine anti-fascist group TIGR, which gathered members from all the different ideologies, from the Liberals to the Communist to the Roman Catholics engaged in the social doctrine of Rome. Remember how the section of Gorizia of the group TIGR was strictly linked with the church of Rome.

You have to ask to yourself which effect could have that "rebellious and half protestant" words in the Slovenian priesthood of the inner Slovenia, who were seeing with suspect the clergy and the general Slovenian population of the coast under Italian Fascist oppression. Of course that inner priesthood never dared to say that the Fascist anti-Slovene oppression was inexistent. With Jesuitical dialectical rhetoric, they were indirectly supporting the Italian Fascism alluding to the rebellion as product of the infection by the Communist germ seeking to exploit the Fascist injustice only to introduce the Bolshevik revolution. Therefore those rebellious priests were too considered infected by the Bolshevik germ. Not for hobby temporal coadjutor Janko Kralj indefatigably was warning on the dangers of the Bolshevik threat, even if at the Second Trial of Trieste, he and that archbishop of Ljubljana Gregorj Rozman, famous for his solemn masses in honor to the invading Fascist Italy as "ally in the common struggle against Communism", were exhibiting the maximum care also in to save the Communists fraction of the group under trial in Trieste, with an exhibited contradiction impossible to be not observed.

The importance of the stage for the speech of Margotti, the city of Gorizia/Gorica/Gurize/Gorz with a very high religious significance, is underlined by that “half Protestant”, which alludes also to a sort of opportunism of the ones who dare to be not completely coherent with their 'heresy'. Marshall McLuhan didn't invent nothing, he only copied the Counter Reformation schemes. The other not spoken “half”, joined with the other one rendered explicit with the label “protestant”, was therefore to be alluded as “Communist half”. With such super-refined manipulation of the significance of the words, with such sublime art of the dialectic between explicit and implicit concepts, it comes clear what was cooking Satan inside the mind of Rome. To firmly link up Communism with Protestantism, seen as product of a common religious (and even ethnic/national) origin. This origin should have become the top of the triangle and was represented by the German actor in the stage of the WWII. The German actor was been presented as the instigator of the hate against Rome, yesterday with the Protestant, especially Lutheran “heresy”, today with the Communist partisan “terrorism”. Wasn't the Kaiser to allow Lenin to reach Russia? You can imagine another effect of those words - “half Protestant” - in the mind of the inner Slovenia clergy. This clergy historically was the heir of the Counter Reformation who wiped away the Reformation, historically linked with the German world, from Ljubljana, Styria, Graz, etc. Now that clergy was seeing every day near the coming of that old Protestant spectre hungry of revenge, in the uniforms of the National Socialist “vital space to conquer” in south east Europe. Here you have the occult convenience of the Counter Reformation in to see the total grip on power and the absolute control by the Communist party on the partisan guerrilla in Yugoslavia and especially Slovenia and Croatia, Communist guerrilla which had to be presented simply as only a different version of that ancient historical hate against Rome. Weren't saying the priests of Rome of pious Styria, Ljubjana, Celje etc. that Gestapo and the Communist partisans were collaborating? Well, with that “half Protestant” in Primorje there were no more doubts about the religious target of the accuses of Rome, and the Counter Reformation could be also completed, after the expulsion of Protestants and the stakes of Protestant books, turning upside down the historical truth and presenting Roman Catholicism as victim of the Reform:

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The Queen of Europe and the Rome Wall

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“Here's all uniform. Clericals are clericals, liberals are clericals, socialists are clericals. Everyone is clerical”

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"Negroes from the coast".

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''Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!''

Excerpt from the contribute of Egon Pelikan "Primorski Krscanski Socialci v Julijski Krajini med obema vojnama"/"The Christian Socials in the Julian region between both wars", page 52, in the booklet Knjiznica Annales N. 19 of the Historical society for the south Primorje, scientific and research center of the repulic of Slovenia in Koper, 1999.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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