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Jesuit GLADIO censoring avles' blogs [photo album on line]


"Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; 
but how is it that ye do not discern this time?" 
[Luke 12:56, KJV]

Rome censoring avles' blogs

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The comments I published under the images of this online album:

Edoardo Roncelli - Here you have only few example from the cyber-censorship to which are submitted my blogs, especially Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog, where I describe the painful historical events in the North Adriatic regions from the perspective of the Continuing Counter Reformation war. Beware: what is happening to my blog, this persecution of the free thought, especially of the religious critic and exposition of the crimes of the Romish system of religion, could happen also to you in the near future, in the moment you don't expect for.

Edoardo Roncelli - "Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?" [Luke 12:56, KJV]

Edoardo Roncelli - On 23rd August 2012 a balloon disaster hit Slovenia. A touristic balloon fell and burned. Some died. I recalled that the same day there's the anniversary of the Jesuit/Medici massacre of s. Bartholomew night, that the Queen of Europe is the Lady of War of the Counter Reformation and that Slovenia was consecrated on  30th May 1942, during the Nazi-Fascist occupation, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Edoardo Roncelli - I would have posted the collage I did for the posts on the anniversary of the massacre and published on ABE blog. But I wasn't able to find the images, as Blogger told me avlesbeluskes blog "there aren't photos".

Edoardo Roncelli - So I took a screenshot of the report of Blogger, and posted it. Only to discover that even the screenshot I produced and published was submitted to censorship....

Edoardo Roncelli - This is the screenshot I wanted to publish. I hope they don't erase it even from this album on line. The next picture shows the photo/collage I tried previously to upload in the post.....
10:36 AM

This is another post published in AGKH. In this post I presented an excerpt from the book "Primoz Trubar patriot of Ilirja", where it was presented the Trubar's struggle against the cult of the Vatican Madonna, and the building of many shrines the her dedicated in order to brainwash the population. Response:  the post was "cleaned" from the images. Here the image of Primoz Trubar's bust, before and after the Roman Catholic religious purge of the post.

The most disturbing religious censoring wiped away the image of the inner cover of the book from where I quoted the  excerpts on the cult of Madonna's shrines. Yes, religious censorship hits even the most little details.
10:58 AM

This is the image of the inner cover of the book. An image from the scanner. And in the next pictures you see the original from where I took this one.

This is the original image from where I cut the picture for the post. I scanned the cover of a booklet of photocopies related to the book on Primoz Trubar by Jozko Humar. Written in the late seventies, in the old Tito's Yugoslavia.... Roman Catholic, Counter Reformation censorship know today no shame, no sorrow!!!

This is still the post on the Trubar's religious struggle against the Babylon cult of Rome in Slovenia. Here they purged from the post another collage, where I underlined the strict correlation between the Counter Reformation war of centuries ago, and the modern continuation of it under the deception of the modern nationalistic/ideological bloody conflicts of the North Adriatic regions.

And please, note the above purged image. An excerpt from the book, where the text you heare in the video "Heretik 4. del" is shown as corresponding in great measure to the original text of Primoz Trubar, the founder of the Slovenian Protestant church: "....Oh you silent dogs!, you evil!, poor!, damned!, demoniac priests and monks!, you!, who because of your stinking stomach allow to the Devil and his servants to tempt poor and simple people!, your sheep!....”

This is the collage purged from the post. On the left you see the today's Roman Catholic religious path joining temples and shrines of the Vatican Babylonian mystery religion, designed on the shape of the eastern borders of Italy, as to underline the religious mission of the past wars. In the middle there's the today's map to show the Semiramis/Madonna shrines of Holy Mount, the same shrine exposed by Trubar five centuries ago. On the left you see the local situation in the religoius map of Europe in 1618, little before the First Thirty Years war.

In fact this image is disappeared even from this album online! I cannot see it!

Edoardo Roncelli - This is the homepage of Christof Wolf SJ, a Jesuit movie director. Please note the Keywords: Cyberspace
, Jesuitentheater,.....
11:16 AM

 Foto del profilo di Edoardo Roncelli
Edoardo Roncelli - "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet."

 Foto del profilo di Edoardo Roncelli
Edoardo Roncelli - "For they are the spirits of devils, working MIRACLES, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty." [Rev. 16:13-14, KJV]

Edoardo Roncelli - The image of SJ Ledochowsky, the most evil human of XX century, disappeared. But only from my AGKH blog.....
9:02 PM

Edoardo Roncelli - ....and not from the blog of Douglas Willinger, from where I linked this picture on my post! As you can see the same image is still present there, for example in the post "Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge".
9:04 PM

Edoardo Roncelli - We are still reading the post "
archbishop Carlo Margotti's pattern implementing Ledochowski Goals Via Goals". Below the disappeared image of SJ Ledochowsky, are other images disappeared.
9:06 PM

Edoardo Roncelli - The images of archbishop Margotti reviewing the Fascist troops disappeared and even the excerpt of his phrase accusing  the Slovenian priests to be "half protestant" [" je napol protestantska" or "...and it  is half protestant"] was purged from my article!!!
9:10 PM

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